HOTEL COMMODORE TERME  - Via S. Pio X, 2 - Montegrotto Abano terme - ITALY - Tel. +39.049.891.05.91 - Fax. +39.049.891.06.29

The Hotel Commodore Massage Centre, in the green setting of the Euganean Hills, is a welcoming centre, based on the Oriental ideal of Harmony between body and mind as a source of health and wellness.
Our guests can choose from a wide range of Body Massages and Well-being Treatments: Traditional Body Massage, New generation Oriental Massage, Relaxing treatments and Revitalizing treatments.
This is the ‘perfect place’ to relax, revive yourselves, be pampered and find well-being of body and mind.

Short description of the massages and treatments available:

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: it is designed to restore muscle and nerve tone, to eliminate the feeling of tiredness, to solve problems in the muscles and joints through toning and relaxing.

RELAXING OR TONING MASSAGE: a massage to invigorate or relax the body, depending on which you prefer. We use creams or essential oils to create a sensation of well-being in all your body.

REFLEXOLOGY: it is a therapeutic massage on the soles of your feet using the pressure of the thumbs and following specific rules. You can locate the different organs on your feet, as if they were a map. Practised by expert hands, it is an excellent analgesic therapy, which can solve many physical and psychological disorders. Reflexology can cure many common ailments, such as joint or back pain, cervical arthritis, stress, migraines, digestive problems, but also more serious problems such as heart and circulatory diseases.

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: the manual lymphatic drainage is a massage of a specific area, on the face or body, depending on the pathology. It stimulates the activity of the lymphatic system, cleanses the lymph of waste and toxins, which can cause pain or unsightly swelling; it detoxifies and revitalizes the blood. This treatment is particularly recommended in cases of edema, water retention, cellulite, constipation or menstrual pains, also lymphatic deficiency due to surgery and whenever the immune system needs to be strengthened.

STONE THERAPY: the therapeutic effects of stones on the human body have been known since ancient times by Sumerians, Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, Romans, in famous Thermae. Stone Therapy does not replace the healing power of the hands, but can be used to enhance all body massage therapies. The stones become a vehicle for energy and, combined with massage, relax the muscles of the neck, back and shoulders, drain fluid retention, improve blood circulation, make your skin smoother, improve your metabolism, detoxify and relax your mind and body.

BIO-ENERGETIC MASSAGE: In the early 1900s, W. Reich, father of BIOENERGETICS, a technique based on the body, discovered that the vital energy, ORGONICA, present in the whole universe and in each of our cells may be blocked in some parts of the body, producing tension, blockages, emotional conflicts which can cause illnesses. Most people’s body is unbalanced, fragmented, disconnected so the energy cannot flow freely.
A. Lowen’s Bio-energetic techniques are based on reading the body, to identify the parts where the energy flow is deficient or blocked, in order to restore balance. We use a synergetic contact with our breathing rhythm to restore our “grounding”, our internal balance. It is nourishing and restores the vital energy to the body.
The bio-energetic massage is personalized, and is more effective if you use essential oils, their powers acting both on the physical and emotional levels. This treatment is a BIO-REGENERATING aroma-massage. From a physical point of view, it enables to breathe deeply and freely, improves blood and lymph circulation, dissolves fat deposits, tones the nervous system and makes the muscles and joints more flexible.
HAMMAM: this fascinating practice comes from the Middle East and has its roots in the Greek-Roman Antiquity. The Hammam is pleasant and beneficial in winter as it helps prevent problems related to the cold; it frees the respiratory system and prevents muscular pain. In the summer, however, it is refreshing as it reduces body temperature. After the Hammam you can have a hot shower or bath, followed by a scrub with natural or fragranced soap. The treatment ends with a relaxing and moisturizing massage with Argan oil. The skin will be smooth and bright, your tan exalted. The Hammam is also a preparatory rite for further beauty treatments (especially those with Argan oil) making them more effective.
THERMAL TREATMENT: this treatment starts with a relaxing bath with essential oils for 20 minutes, which is followed by a body massage with essential oils for 40 minutes.
SHIATSU: for this massage, originally from Japan (Taoism), no mechanical accessories are needed, only expert hands which apply pressure with their fingertips and palms, so as to regain the energetic balance in the whole body. Your psychological well-being benefits the patient greatly. This treatment can be applied to deal with muscular or articular problems, migraine, insomnia, anxiety, and stress, pain specific to women or any type of pain. It provides physical and emotional union.

THAI MASSAGE: the Thai massage is practised in Thailand by Buddhist monks. It has been passed on from master to student for over 2500 years. It combines the acupressure points of Traditional Chinese Medicine and assisted stretching inspired from yoga and Ayurveda from India. It opens the body both energetically and physically.
Like other types of massages, Traditional Thai Massage increases vascular activity by detoxifying the cells and therefore impulses the release of energy. The ultimate goal, for those who receive Traditional Thai Massage, is to achieve a state of “lightness”, as well as emotional and spiritual elevation.

WATZU MASSAGE in thermal water: it takes place in warm, shallow water (34-37 degrees) with your body floating gently in the therapist’s arms, who performs slow movements on the meridians that carry the vital energy. You are in communication with nature as it takes place in an outdoor pool. You experience a state of relaxation and total lack of constraint. Watzu massage reduces muscle tension, relieves stress and anxiety.