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The muds of Abano and Montegrotto are the result of an astute mixture of a solid (clay), a liquid (sodiobromidiodic water) and a biological component (microorganisms and biomaterials). The ripening process takes place in special tanks for approximately 50-60 days.
Rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis in their various forms, such as, gout, sciatica, lumbago, fracture consequences, contusions, strains and luxations. Great for the preventions of injuries and for strengthening the immune system, the mud eliminates toxins, it acts against stress and aging by maintaining your skin beauty. This is the reason why more and more young people who prefer the natural treatments enjoy the mud therapy.
Treatment is performed within the Department of the Hotel by properly trained staff who directly put the mud on the parts concerned, with a prescribed temperature and for a duration decided by the doctor of the hotel. Then the mud is removed, followed by a spa shower and a subsequent OZONE BATH, practiced in individual bath, almost at body temperature. Ozone stimulates the circulation and activates the skin moist as it is able to reach the deeper layers of tissue which have become more permeable by warm water.
The Bath Spa, due to the pressure caused by water, is ideal for joints, pain syndromes and muscular atrophy and it is important in therapy, rehabilitation programs after trauma, fractures and surgery. In addition, the chemical composition of water is useful for the resolution of chronic inflammatory processes and many types of dermatitis.

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